Create a memorable soccer season at the fields in your neighborhood; Los Angeles vs New York, USA vs Brazil and Madrid vs Barcelona all playing at a field near you and the good news is you won’t need a ticket to the game.

Organizations across the country are bringing the excitement of US soccer and International soccer to a field near them. Xara’s Theme Series product allows families to create memories that will last a lifetime and people in the community asking “where do we sign up?

The range of themed products is designed to contribute to a richer soccer experience. Each is different allowing an organization to find the one that is the correct fit for them. The City Series offers a very American soccer season, The Champions Series brings an awareness of club soccer on an International level and The International Series allows families to learn more about International Soccer at the highest level. Each product series offers a rich, distinctive and memorable experience. Players will remember the team that they played on, parents will participate in creating a unique soccer experience, coaches have the tools they need to create a memorable season, and administrators will honor their commitment to providing a fun, safe, family experience. With Xara products and the imagination of your members, you create a season like no other, one that will be long remembered by everyone.

Select the program that contributes to your unique club experience;


There is nothing more exciting than soccer on a global scale. In countries around the world soccer is known as “the beautiful game” and in many of these countries soccer is the national sport. The USA has built a strong reputation in both the men’s and women’s game through their success in the sports ultimate competition the “World Cup.” Now you can introduce your members to the fun and excitement of playing soccer at the International level with the International Series product, programs and support materials. This product will bring an authentic soccer experience to your program, and your members will thank you for introducing them to a very exciting and unique aspect of the game. The product, the association manual, the valuable support materials and your imagination, will allow you to create an International soccer experience that will turn a “Season of Games into a Lifetime of Memories.”


Soccer is a game played around the world creating passion and excitement that goes beyond anything seen in traditional US sports. Clubs in cities around the world are supported by a massive army of fans that travel thousands of miles to see and support their club. The cities these teams play in are known around the world and the passion and tradition of these cities is the inspiration behind the Champions Series. Xara has created this range of product to honor the character and the passion of the cities and teams that are homes to these clubs. The experience introduces members to club soccer on the International level and helps bring the excitement of the game to families in the program.


For many parents and children at the younger age groups their introduction to the game comes when mom and dad sign their child up to play. They enter a world that is unfamiliar in every way, the skills of the game, the rules of the game, even how the game is played are all things new and yet to be learnt. This lack of understanding can be unnerving for many new soccer families, that is why Xara created an exciting soccer experience built around something that is familiar to everyone, famous North American cities.

This exciting product range brings Xara’s most detailed and unique designs to life and capture the richness of what makes each of these famous cities different. Cities you live in, cities where family memories have been shared, even teams from other sports that have brought memories of great joy and heartache. All of this makes the game more familiar and adds richness and familiarity to their early soccer experience. That is why it is perfect for programs that serve many families who are not familiar with the game. With this exciting product, ideas from organizations across the country, many valuable support materials and the imagination and creativity of your members, you will create a unique soccer experience that provides your families with a soccer experience that turns a Season of Games into a Lifetime of Memories. 


The No Ticket Needed experience is so much more than just a top class jersey. Enhance the overall soccer experience of your players and parents with flags and banners for the sideline. Sign up for the suite of online support materials that will asist your organization in creating the soccer experience of a lifetime.


Bring the community together with a pre season parade of nations using flags and banners. Create a family fun day with food from the various nations or cities. The pre season support brings awareness to families in the community to maximize registration and allows parents to get involved in the No Ticket Needed experience ahead of the season.

During the season the apparel products, online support materials and creativity of your members will create a family soccer experience that turns a season of games into a lifetime of memories.

Unique uniforms and products are enhanced by free online support materials that include tournament organizers, team information, player certificates, photograph surrounds and parent’s notes. Put it all together to build a truly memorable soccer experience for everyone.

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