Dinomites Under 6 Support Materials


Player Certificate

Every player deserves the recognition of their coach. This certificate gives the coach the opportunity to show their appreciation for the involvement of each player. Each Certificate creates a lasting memory for the family and is a perfect end to a fun season.

Team Photo Frame

Remember the friends your child made during their Dinomites soccer season. Simply print out the photo surround and insert your team picture.

Mom & Dad Note

Provide support and let your child know how much you enjoyed their first soccer season. Create a lasting family memory that will remind you of the fun you all had for many years to come.

Player Photo Frame

Insert your child’s photo and create a lasting memory of your Dinomites soccer season.

Coach Appreciation Note

The coach plays a huge part in the success of your family’s soccer season. Acknowledge their hard work and thank them for their time by writing a simple thank you note.

Parents Backyard Curriculum

Now parents can continue to have Dinomite adventures with their child at home with the parent backyard activity booklet. This will reinforce the fun that they have at the field with their coach.

Under 6 Curriculum

Download your curriculum here.