Making Soccer More Enjoyable
No matter what your involvement in the game, your expectation is that soccer will be enjoyable. Whether you are the parent of a young child just learning the game, the coach of a Premier team, an administrator of a soccer organization, or a player aspiring to play at a higher level, your commitment to the sport will end if it ceases to be enjoyable. Soccer can not be enjoyable if it is played in an environment defined by unacceptable behavior -- this is the foundation of the Soccer Safe program. Soccer Safe supports the creation of a positive soccer environment to ensure that everyone involved has a memorable and enjoyable soccer season.
The Soccer Safe Certification Program engages players, coaches, parents and administrators in the thinking and behavior that will support the creation of a memorable soccer season. The online Certification process is supported with signage, banners and flags to serve as visible reminders of the commitment to the program and the creation of a Soccer Safe environment at the field.
The Soccer Safe Program offers;
  • Guidelines for the creation of a Soccer Safe program
  • An online Soccer Safe Certification program
  • Certificates for players, coaches, parents and administrators who demonstrate their commitment to the Soccer Safe program
  • On the field signage to acknowledge the commitment to a Soccer Safe environment
  • Support materials to acknowledge members who honor the principals of the Soccer Safe program
Programs involved in Soccer Safe are provided with an Association Manual that offers guidelines on how to create a Soccer Safe Program. Individuals become Soccer Safe Certified by completing an online Certification questionnaire that emphasis the distinct role of each member in the program. The questionnaire is designed to both train and educate members. Only after members have completed the online work is the program permitted to demonstrate its commitment to a Soccer Safe environment, by using signs, banners and flags at the field.
The Soccer Safe Program will enhance the soccer experience for members of programs of all sizes and skill levels. To find out more about how it can make your season more enjoyable and successful contact your local regional manager.